Sistema de Información Territorial Estatal en Línea, México

The Instituto de Información Territorial del Estado de Jalisco is a government organization which was founded in 1998 to share geographical information between the government agencies of Jalisco in México.

Within the years, the institution gathered loads of information in several formats such as SHP, DWG, DXF, GeoTIFF and ECW, among others. So, what we wanted was to have all this information available, organized and in a common format with the purpouse of being able to provide and display it over the Internet.

That's how it was developed the Sistema de Información Territorial Estatal en Línea - SITEL - project.

The main target of this project was to build a spatial data infrastructure which allows our government agencies to share this kind of information to be included in their own projects as health, security, urban furniture or mobility.

When I had to choose the technology for it in 2007, I decided that PostgreSQL and PostGIS was the best choice to store our information, because PostGIS follows the OpenGIS specifications.

This way, we can store and handle the data and its geometry with both technologies in one single product, following the international standards.

Also, we have found that many GIS applications pulls data from a PostgreSQL databases via PostGIS, so we don't have to worry about our user's front end.

Today, we have integrated 1,910+ vectorial layers plus another 70+ raster files, provided through PostGIS and WMS/WFS/WCS services with Mapserver. Then, our users can find information like:

As a brief example, you can see the SPOT 2008 satellite image of Guadalajara city in México using the following link within any GIS application which support WMS:

We have also developed an Internet application to show our public spatial information to our citizens, thinking that they don't need to have anything previously installed.

Now we're working with the analysis of our spatial information using PostGIS, I must say that it works great, it's a very efficient and reliable product.

IC Carlos Ruiz
Instituto de Información Territorial del Estado de Jalisco
Chief Technology Officer

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